Is Moroccan Sahara a good place to visit with a couple?

Southern province or Moroccan Sahara are terms to use for Western Sahara. It is suggested by the Moroccan government. Sahara desert is a hottest and third largest desert in the world. It is third largest desert after the Arctic and Atlantic. The world Sahara is derived from Arabic word “Sahara” which means “the desert.” The climate of this region is dry. Rainfall is very rare in this region.

Sahara for a couple to visit

Sahara desert receives many honeymoons by newlywed couples each year. There are some activities to done and places to visit Sahara desert by a couple. There are different romantic reasons for visiting desert by a couple. These reasons are:

Beach resorts

There are romantic beaches located in Western Sahara. The couple loves to visit these beaches and enjoy their honeymoon. Resorts and swimming facilities are available on these beaches. These resorts provide very luxurious services to couple travelers. Spacious guest accommodations and outdoor pools are found on beaches of Sahara which make it attractive. The city of Essaouira is a place with many beaches. These are well accommodated for travelers.

Camel trekking

It is a romantic activity to be done by couples. They love to travel by sitting on the back of a camel. They can travel sand dunes and ergs through camel trekking. It becomes more romantic when sun sets and ergs change its colors. Camel riding shows the culture of desert truly. Each traveler interestingly takes a ride on the camel to enjoy especially couples. Sahara desert is an almost romantic place for couples in Africa. It is because of the reason that stars are brighter and clear in the beautiful night which presents a romantic view for couples. Also, sand dunes are spread as far as your eyes can see. It is a romantic view. Couples can spend their night in Berber tents. They can wake up early in the morning to watch sunrise which gives a beautiful fresh view to couples.

Hot air balloon flight

Couples can spend their time in the romantic activity of balloon flight. It is a renowned creative activity for a couple. They can take flight in Marrakech. They can watch different beautiful views when they take flight during the sunrise. It gives an amazing view to fly a couple in a hot balloon.

Dinner on rooftop

Couples can enjoy dinner on a rooftop in Moroccan Sahara. Rooftop in Sahara is mostly flat which gives a good area for dinner and couple dancing. There are many cafes and hotels in Sahara which give services to serve dinner on rooftop or terrace. The couple can enjoy their dinner in the romantic night by enjoying bright shining stars and clear view of the sky. The couple can ask hotel managers to serve their dinner on rooftop or terrace. On the other hand, some of the restaurants offer this service to their customers already.

So, Moroccan Sahara is a good place for a couple. They can enjoy by doing different romantic activities. They can enjoy true feelings of the desert in the night because the sky is clear in the night and stars get brighter.