Why Facebook Supports fan pages with more likes and following?

Facebook support fan pages for business. As people or marketers want to popularize their business around every corner of globe. And this can’t be done without the Facebook likes. More Facebook likes means more popularity. More Facebook likes is the propulsive devotion and excitement of mostly social media marketers. They are yearning it. As they think that increased Facebook likes is the best remedy for dealing with all world issues. Hence, by supporting Facebook fan pages Facebook is getting into more business and it is doing it for its own gain and profit, of course. The desire of more likes on fan pages is dragging more traffic to this social media application. The increasing users on Facebook means more money. Facebook is getting benefit by supporting the fan pages.


More Traffic More Money

Facebook is a commercial entity where more people are attracted to use Facebook. This is ultimately giving them more traffic, hence more business and profit. More traffic from sources like Instagram Followers means more money on any website and more traffic on Facebook means people are attracted to fan pages and they use Facebook more. For this they download the application in their personal cellphones more often, more downloading of applications means more money.

Like is a Social Currency of Social Media

Hastily the like is becoming the central bread of The Social Network. People are more into this like thing as they want to maintain their image and popularity. Likes are playing a decisive role in the popularization of any business. Many companies, especially when certain brands started to flood the network in response to its growing user base, Likes also became an important aspect for business.

The Like had altered the whole thing and no one ever knew this would become so important and beneficial in terms of data source. Facebook is constructing history through likes, everyone is getting benefit from it. More likes on Facebook page means more popularity. Almost each Facebook user is concerned about likes on his Facebook page. People like Facebook pages thus likes gets added on the certain page. More, the like are added to the page more the page gets popularized. Everyone is interested in this like game.

Hence by likes, Facebook had discovered a new way to create a beneficial data resource. And this resource was not based upon any analysis or assessment reports or feedbacks. It was practical and useful. Facebook Users were willingly supported them, and all that information or data was flowing very hastily and in huge amount, every day.

Like Relevance                                                       

Facebook Likes remain pertinent for personal use. Even now likes are not as much beneficial as they once used to be. Every time one likes something on Facebook, it marks a signal to his Facebook account which will then drag his attention in future. Hence, each Like on Facebook is important. Facebook is a commercial entity and is supporting fan pages and more likes and following for their own gain and profit. It is making money by supporting more likes and fan pages.