Countries in the Arab world

Though there is no sticking definition of the Arab world, however, it is believed that people or countries speaking Arabic are included in the Arab world. According to an estimate, about 422 million peoples belong to the Arab world. Islam is the main religion of these countries.  Peoples of the Sunni sect are in the majority in these countries. There are almost 22 countries who belong to the Arab world. Most countries are from middle east and North. Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Sudan, Morocco, Qatar, and UAE are main countries. Let’s have a look at some of the   Arab countries.

Saudi Arabia:

Saudi Arabia is the country which has the sea on its three sides. This is the desert country. Saudi Arabia is sacred most country among Muslims.It has Khana Kaba, and Masjid Nabi; both hold a very special place among Muslims. They are also popular because of pilgrimage. Riyad is the capital of Saudi Arabia. The total population of this Saudi Arab is 28 million.


United Arab Emirates are normally known as UAE or Emirates. The country consists of 5 sub-states. Abu Dhabi is the capital of UAE. UAE is the country of unlimited opportunities for people of every status and state. Living, working and visiting UAE is the dream of many peoples across the world. Dubai(state of UAE)is a glamorous world. Total population o UAE is approximately 9 million.


The official name of Lebanon is the Lebanese Republic. Lebanon exists in the middle east. Beruit is its capital. The country gives importance to religion, culture, and family. Most of the beautiful sightseeing comprises of mountains and beaches. In winters, sometimes temperatures fall below zero degrees.


Qatar is a country of skyscrapers, modern architecture, Islamic art and ancient Islam designs. The capital of Qatar is Doha. The total population of the country is 2.169 million. Qatar has hot temperature most of the year. However, January, Febrarury, and March are bit colder. Like all other Arab countries, Qatar is also rich in fossil fuel resources, a large part of its economy depends upon these resources. Moreover, Qatar has developed an image in hospitality businesses.


Kuwait is another important city of the Arab League. Kuwait City is the capital city Kuwait. The country has with numerous skyscrapers and modern architecture. However, some building revives the rich history of Kuwait. Kuwait has rich resources of oil and gas. These rich fossil resources dominate Kuwait among other Arab countries. The total population of Kuwait is 3.39 million.


Morocco is situated in North Africa. Morocco is beautiful mixture of Arabic, European and Berber culture. Its capital is Rabat. The official language is Arabic; however, people also speak French. The country has rich deserts as a well historical architect. The country is popular because of its mineral resources. Jewelry production and gems reselling are also popular professions. Unlike other countries of Arab world, the temperature of Morocco is colder.