What are the famous android games?

What are the famous android games?

Android games are the source of entertainment for children and young adults. They spend their spare time for playing games. Sometimes people need more than just watching their newsfeed of Facebook and other social media networks. They find something interesting more than that. Games provide them entertainment at that level. They spend their long time for playing games. In this way, they can sharpen their mind and maintain mental and body health.

Android games

Various games are available which can be played on Android phones. These games need to install from play store. These games may include puzzle, sports, adventure, fighting and other games. Children, young adults, and people of age more than that play these games. They prefer to spend their time on their mobile phones for playing games. A huge variety of Android games are available and you can search these games in your play store of mobile.

Best android games

Several Android games can be found in the Android phones. It needs the Internet connectivity. People can play these games easily and quickly. Here we discuss some of the best Android games. Some of these are as follows:

Fallout shelter

It is a game released during 2015. It is considered as one of the best games on the android phones to play. In this game, you need to build a shelter. This shelter is for the safety of survivors and to create thriving ecosystem. You need to fight against obstacles created by bad guys such as fire and like that.

Nova legacy

It is one of the best android game which can be played for free. It consists of the best controls and graphics. These graphics are more than that of average games. It is a game for shooters which can be played by multiple players. This game is the latest release of the year. In this game, you can interact with fun things which are more than realistic shooters.

Pokemon Go

It was released during 2016. It is one of the most played games on Android devices. In this game, players can explore different things all around the world. They can find Poke stops and take down gyms as well. New features are updated by play store automatically for this game. These new features are added on the regular basis. It is one of the free android games.

Clash Royale

It is the latest unblocked game of super-cell. In this game, you need to collect cards and then build decks. Opponents are found in this game. You can earn trophies in a case of the winning game. On the other hand, you can lose trophies if you lose.

So, these are among the best Android games. These are the latest release of games which need to be installed for playing. People prefer to spend their spare time for playing these games when they do not want to come online on social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other applications. They need to relax their mind by playing android games during hours when there is no work activity to perform.