Bicycle playing cards: a famous brand of playing cards

The bicycle is a brand of playing cards. This brand was manufactured by printing company of the United States. It began its manufacturing operating since 1885. People choose this brand to play different card games. They play it with their friends and fellows after the dinner for the purpose of entertainment.


What is a bicycle card?

It is one of the famous brands of manufacturing playing cards. It is used in most of the regions across the world. It is a traditional type of playing cards. The bicycle is the trademark of this company. It consists of traditional 52 cards. This brand is comparable to other brand brands such as Tally-ho and Bee playing cards. Distinguished card stock is used to produce this kind of playing cards.


Specifications of cards

This famous brand of playing cards is associated with unique designs. It consists of traditional 52 cards having a deck of red and black color cards. It is also known as French deck consists of four suits. These four suits are spades, clubs, diamonds and hearts. Different numbers are covered by cards ranging from 2 to 10. After that, it proceeds to Jack, Queen, King and Ace. Access is a card in bicycle playing cards which is also known as the first carried on the deck. Ace of Spades is printed with the trademark of Bicycle. A hand comes with two jokers, an information card, and a poker.


Designs of bicycle playing cards

These cards are available in a variety of designs. People choose to buy these designs according to their preferences and games which they play. Designs of these cards consist of series of the bridge, vintage backs, Lo-Vision cards and Pastel color cards. Pastel color cards contain different color like light blue, pink and lime green. Lo-Vision cards consist of large numbers in color of light blue on the face. Various other types of cards are produced for magic with specific backs and colors.


How to play bicycle playing cards

Playing bicycle cards is not difficult. It requires attention and skills to play. Players need to get more points to achieve success in the game. Players deal five cards at a time. The game starts with the player to the dealer’s left. Rest of the cards are placed down in the center of the table. After that, turn up the first card and place this card besides pile facedown. If the player has turned an eight, then it is put in the middle of the pack. Then next card is turned.


Benefits of playing bicycle cards

These cards are very easy to play. People who love to play cards can learn how to play it. They can learn card games by playing these cards. Some of the professional players play these cards for money. On the other hand, family card games can also be played by these cards at home.

So, Bicycle playing card is the famous brand of cards manufacturing. They provide different designs of their cards for players. Deck of Bicycle cards consists of 52 cards.