Social Media Marketing

What you wear is your billboard. What are you advertising? Social Media has given me the opportunity to express myself in countless ways and communicate with friends in order to innovate and solve problems. Social Media is a gadget used by companies in order to attract high volumes of people called “traffic”. Through my experience with marketing, I’ve learned that first you have to build your platform. If it’s for professional reasons, you have to decide what you want to sell and what people you want to sell it to. You have to make sure your product is valuable, helping those who you’re advertising the product to. The hardest part is getting started, and the shipping and handling of course. After you’ve established your crowd, it just keeps on coming. I know because I’m a major fashionista and all the brands I shop for, I consistently support, most of which I’ve discovered through social media. Instagram, for instance, is my favorite type of social media where I can Buy Instagram Followers to increase my audience for my advertisement. It is a great way to display your product through pictures. And as they say, a picture says 1,000 words. You can get creative with your content. The more your feed attracts the eye, the more people will visit your page and tell others about you. My goal is to create my own blog in the future when I’m financially stable to model the products I want to showcase. I want to inspire women to feel beautiful and showcase their creativity through their style. I know whenever I see a public figure displaying confidence, I’m inspired to follow in her footsteps, whether its fashion wise or fitness wise. You have to be comfortable in your own skin because your body is what you wear every day. My goal is to defeat all those stereotypical magazine looks by showing people that with a little sweat and determination, you can get those abs you’ve always wanted, instead of just photo shopping a picture. I do this by utilizing Instagram to make my own fitness page. In this page I include all my experiences, workout tips, and everything I eat.

We often don’t realize how powerful social media is. Marc Zuckerberg is a great example of this. He was just another college student in the same financial situation most of us are. With just one idea, he sparked technology. His overnight hit, Facebook, is still used today and made him a millionaire.

From an adolescent perspective, I believe social media attracts us because we want to stay aware of the latest trends and events. We want to stay in touch with our friends and put our best foot forward. Everyone loves to be recognized and complimented. Instagram allows people to notice you easier in the way you want them to. Also, it’s a great journal you can look back on. You see how much you’ve changed over the years. Some people don’t like it because it’s a “lack of privacy”. But how is it a lack of privacy if you can chose what to and what not to post? We only showcase a part of our lives. The part we want people to see. That’s why I try not to compare myself with others online. I know that even though they may have posted the best car, they may not even have it all. We only share the good snippets of our lives , because why would we share the bad ones? Sometimes I do believe it could get carried away because it’s like a competition of who has more or gets more recognition. But my focus isn’t on that. Being on Instagram for so long has taught me to focus on inspiring people to showcase themselves, their goals, and their beliefs in order to meet new people and become eligible for many opportunities.

Some public figures that have inspired me to reach my goals and have provided me with helpful tools because of social media are Kayla Itsines and Cmcoving. Kayla motivates me to stay on track with my fitness goals by sharing her meal and workout plan and beauty tips, such as skin care routine. Cmcoving has a blog, highlighting the hottest trends. Her blog contains all the links to the websites where she buys her outfits, which is a huge time saver.

In conclusion, social media is a tool used to study, make money, and for entertainment. It is the reason stars like Justin Bieber have been recognized through YouTube in order to live their dream. YouTube is a way people can communicate, share ideas, do step by step tutorials, and entertain the public. You can spend hours on YouTube either watching movies or learning math. It is a great revolution in the education world because of that reason, giving us the opportunity to not only watch videos but make them; for instance, scholarship entry submissions. In these videos and submissions, you have the opportunity to showcase your creativity. So many resources are available to us that we don’t even realize. I believe marketers on social media still have a lot of potential. As time progresses, more and more people are utilizing technology, ranging from the ages of 5 to 80. People of all ages utilize this because it’s so easy to use. Marketers promote their product by hitting their target. They aim to convince their buyer that their product is going to make their buyer successful. That’s why we should always be cautious of online scams and make sure the source we’re utilizing is credible. I always check that a website has the lock on the URL before purchasing anything with my debit card and that it’s Norton Secured because there’s so much identity theft and theft in general out there. If we avoid these cons, we’ll be able to enjoy the pros of social media, such as online shopping. Online shopping is convenient because it could be done in the comfort of your own home. Its quick, easy, and there are often promo codes you can utilize with free shipping and handling.


Why Facebook Supports fan pages with more likes and following?

Why Facebook Supports fan pages with more likes and following?

Facebook support fan pages for business. As people or marketers want to popularize their business around every corner of globe. And this can’t be done without the Facebook likes. More Facebook likes means more popularity. More Facebook likes is the propulsive devotion and excitement of mostly social media marketers. They are yearning it. As they think that increased Facebook likes is the best remedy for dealing with all world issues. Hence, by supporting Facebook fan pages Facebook is getting into more business and it is doing it for its own gain and profit, of course. The desire of more likes on fan pages is dragging more traffic to this social media application. The increasing users on Facebook means more money. Facebook is getting benefit by supporting the fan pages.


More Traffic More Money

Facebook is a commercial entity where more people are attracted to use Facebook. This is ultimately giving them more traffic, hence more business and profit. More traffic from sources like Instagram Followers means more money on any website and more traffic on Facebook means people are attracted to fan pages and they use Facebook more. For this they download the application in their personal cellphones more often, more downloading of applications means more money.

Like is a Social Currency of Social Media

Hastily the like is becoming the central bread of The Social Network. People are more into this like thing as they want to maintain their image and popularity. Likes are playing a decisive role in the popularization of any business. Many companies, especially when certain brands started to flood the network in response to its growing user base, Likes also became an important aspect for business.

The Like had altered the whole thing and no one ever knew this would become so important and beneficial in terms of data source. Facebook is constructing history through likes, everyone is getting benefit from it. More likes on Facebook page means more popularity. Almost each Facebook user is concerned about likes on his Facebook page. People like Facebook pages thus likes gets added on the certain page. More, the like are added to the page more the page gets popularized. Everyone is interested in this like game.

Hence by likes, Facebook had discovered a new way to create a beneficial data resource. And this resource was not based upon any analysis or assessment reports or feedbacks. It was practical and useful. Facebook Users were willingly supported them, and all that information or data was flowing very hastily and in huge amount, every day.

Like Relevance                                                       

Facebook Likes remain pertinent for personal use. Even now likes are not as much beneficial as they once used to be. Every time one likes something on Facebook, it marks a signal to his Facebook account which will then drag his attention in future. Hence, each Like on Facebook is important. Facebook is a commercial entity and is supporting fan pages and more likes and following for their own gain and profit. It is making money by supporting more likes and fan pages.


How To Sell Fast On Social Media Networks

How To Sell Fast On Social Media Networks

To get more people attracted to one’s business has remained an age-old problem as this leads to increased business sale. Social media is all the more friendly in this regards as offers amazing opportunities for business. What is most important is to build relationships for the growth of business, and also buy twitter followers on social media. Even then one must know certain tricks in order to sell fast on social media. Few are as under


Remember an old tale that if frog is put on a hot water it would jump out of it within no time. So put it in a cool water and then turn heat up slowly so will not be noticed by the frog. Attacking people with blatant messages like contact us for this or we are selling that would slow down one’s selling procedure. Instead slowly reach them so that can be more engaged in future. As more they see the more they like. Then try to bring online store to them instead of expecting them to bring themselves to you. This way boosts one’s conversation besides other gains.

Chirpify helps by engaging people talking about your products. This is a best way to increase sell on social media fast. Announcement of a reward like a 15 per cent off coupon makes customers to post that with a hash tag rather a specific hash tag while sharing their experience of being your customer. Chirpify notices that hash tags and immediately delivers reward for using that specific hash tag also brings them back to your sale.


Ready to amplify sale on instagram then take advantage of posted pictures. The way to achieve is just to sign up with yotpo that provides a link to an online shop holding your instagram feed pictures. Putting this link in bio on instagram allows other to see your pictures along with the rating of that product. Purchasing that product is now under your customer’s fingertip then.


Buying something on pinterest was frustrating until last year as customers have to trace their pins based on likes which often led to the loss of customers. Now through Buyable Pins one can go directly to website to purchase that product in addition price of the item also appears in blue to facilitate the customers. But one needs to have his online shop on Shopify, Big commerce, Magento etc. to become a part of any of above mentioned websites one can also sign up now on their waitlist which will notify you when possibility for an online store is open for the sellers.


Having a proper website is an acknowledged way to increase selling online. One can make a website through wiselntro to sell products. It’s super easy and costs nothing even any technical expertise. On home page clicking the button and then providing information as demanded by the web page makes the game simple.


Shopial promotes products through ads on Facebook and pinterest account. Shopial targets the ads and frees you from all navigation of selling flood.

Why learning Facebook Marketing is important in 2017

Why learning Facebook Marketing is important in 2017

Social media especially Instagram is becoming one of the best platforms to build and promote the business. The reports have shown that people get more profits as well as help in growth in business through utilizing marketing strategies on Instagram. If a business person properly understands the marketing and implement best policies while doing business through Instagram he will definitely get fruitful results. Some of the facts and benefits that make important to learn Instagram marketings are described below

Brand recognition

By learning the strategies for marketing on social media helps in providing the brand popularity. As more than a billion users are present on Instagram and other social media sites that visit various pages and follow the links provided. In this way, the people come to know about different brands and prefer to buy products of their choice. Instagram is the platform for brand voice and content. Through this awesome marketing platform, the person can get new customers and ultimately increase his business.

Opportunities to convert

The person who knows the business analysis, as well as all the factors that are important for marketing purpose, always get success in his work, same is situation with Instagram marketing, a person having a good know how about marketing strategies can attract web traffic towards his brand and win trust of customers by providing best product they wish for.

High conversion rates

Instagram marketing helps in higher conversion rates. The studies have shown that marketing through Instagram or other social media sites has provided 100% lead to close rate as compared to outbound marketing.  If person markets his product in a definite way with proper planning and schemes than he will get more price and profit for his products.

Respond to problems and learn from customers

Another important thing of learning marketing for Instagram is that person get a chance to interact with customers. he can get suggestions and ideas related to the product to improve the quality of the brand. The person can resolve the issues that customers are facing for the product they are using.

Improved brand loyalty

Buy Instagram LikesThe reports from a Texas tech university have shown that people who do marketing on Instagram enjoy the brand loyalty. This is because they connect with their customers and audience to get reviews. They get the chance to improve themselves as well as to resolve problems that the customers face while using the products. One more studies show that people using the brands from social media are more loyal as compared to other customers.

Social media and Instagram is considered now best business platforms. People are learning strategies and scheme to grow their business on social media. It is important to make right policy to maintain worth on social media. There is a tough competition exist on Instagram so it is important to update products, remove the queries of the audience and improve quality to keep the level of customers in a positive direction and get success by doing business on Instagram or other social media sites.


Bicycle playing cards: a famous brand of playing cards

Bicycle playing cards: a famous brand of playing cards

The bicycle is a brand of playing cards. This brand was manufactured by printing company of the United States. It began its manufacturing operating since 1885. People choose this brand to play different card games. They play it with their friends and fellows after the dinner for the purpose of entertainment.


What is a bicycle card?

It is one of the famous brands of manufacturing playing cards. It is used in most of the regions across the world. It is a traditional type of playing cards. The bicycle is the trademark of this company. It consists of traditional 52 cards. This brand is comparable to other brand brands such as Tally-ho and Bee playing cards. Distinguished card stock is used to produce this kind of playing cards.


Specifications of cards

This famous brand of playing cards is associated with unique designs. It consists of traditional 52 cards having a deck of red and black color cards. It is also known as French deck consists of four suits. These four suits are spades, clubs, diamonds and hearts. Different numbers are covered by cards ranging from 2 to 10. After that, it proceeds to Jack, Queen, King and Ace. Access is a card in bicycle playing cards which is also known as the first carried on the deck. Ace of Spades is printed with the trademark of Bicycle. A hand comes with two jokers, an information card, and a poker.


Designs of bicycle playing cards

These cards are available in a variety of designs. People choose to buy these designs according to their preferences and games which they play. Designs of these cards consist of series of the bridge, vintage backs, Lo-Vision cards and Pastel color cards. Pastel color cards contain different color like light blue, pink and lime green. Lo-Vision cards consist of large numbers in color of light blue on the face. Various other types of cards are produced for magic with specific backs and colors.


How to play bicycle playing cards

Playing bicycle cards is not difficult. It requires attention and skills to play. Players need to get more points to achieve success in the game. Players deal five cards at a time. The game starts with the player to the dealer’s left. Rest of the cards are placed down in the center of the table. After that, turn up the first card and place this card besides pile facedown. If the player has turned an eight, then it is put in the middle of the pack. Then next card is turned.


Benefits of playing bicycle cards

These cards are very easy to play. People who love to play cards can learn how to play it. They can learn card games by playing these cards. Some of the professional players play these cards for money. On the other hand, family card games can also be played by these cards at home.

So, Bicycle playing card is the famous brand of cards manufacturing. They provide different designs of their cards for players. Deck of Bicycle cards consists of 52 cards.


Facts About Cookware For Glass Top Stoves You Need To Know

Facts About Cookware For Glass Top Stoves You Need To Know

The development of modern house has brought with itself the demand for glass top stoves which has made the companies to produce glass top stoves and other cookware utensils. The modern house these days is considered to be incomplete without the presence of glass top stoves. The increasing demand of these glass top stoves has caused many different companies to start making these stoves, which has raised the question of good and bad quality. Therefore it has now become necessary to buy from the most reliable sellers. The main reason behind buying from a good brand is that the paint coating from the cookware starts to come off when exposed to heating this cause much disruption in cooking and cleaning matters. Therefore collecting complete information about the top reliable brand is very important and much care is required to maintain the cookware and utensils.

So for the ease in choosing the right cookware for glass top stoves, this article explains the important points that shall be kept in mind before deciding to buy a best cookware glass top stove. So below are described few points that prove to be helpful in deciding to choose the right brand.

  1. T-fall C511SE Excite Nonstick Thermo-Spot Dishwasher Safe Oven Safe PFOA Free Cookware Set

This is one of the most innovative cookware appliances which no matter what match the style of the buyer. It was first manufactured during 1956. The company of this appliance gas always worked to create ease for the customers and to provide cooking satisfaction. The main goal of this company is to make its products more and more reliable on making the non-stick cookwares. This company offers a thermo-spot dishwasher safe oven safe PFOA Free Cookware set. The special feature of the product is its scratch-resistant surface and the heat indicator. This product is designed under the impression of producing the most luxurious item in the kitchen which comes with multiple and useful purposes.

The other important features of cookware for glass top stoves include;

  • This cookware has a frying pan with a thermostat that can indicate the level of heat. This thermostat is very useful as an indication of a level of heat is very important for cooking. It saves the user from overcooking the food. The thermostat level can be adjusted accordingly.
  • Heat can be absorbed with the ergonomic handles it has, which is also easy to use and handle. And also maintains the safety of the user. Handles are one thing during cooking that can cause unforeseen events in a kitchen. Having a useful and convenient handle to the pans is very important. It maintains the grip of the user.
  • The dishwasher that comes with this cookware is very easy to clean, which only requires a soft brush for cleaning. Cleaning the dishwasher is the major task that users have to perform once used, and much complains had been found regarding difficulty in cleaning the dishwashers. Dishwasher cleaning is now made easy with this cookware.
  • Also, it has pots and pans in different sizes
  1. Cook N Home 15 Piece Nonstick Black Soft handle Cookware Set

This is a cookware set that comes with 15 pieces of pans and other cookwares. This cookware set is a must in adding luxury to your kitchen. It has been able to maintain its position as the best cookware set brand.

It has some very attractive features that are described in detail below.

  • The 15 pieces of cookware are the most prominent feature it has. It allows the user to choose different pots and pans as required. This set fulfills the cookware requirements of the whole family.
  • The pans and pots of this cookware set have even surface maintains the even distribution of heat.


What are the famous android games?

What are the famous android games?

Android games are the source of entertainment for children and young adults. They spend their spare time for playing games. Sometimes people need more than just watching their newsfeed of Facebook and other social media networks. They find something interesting more than that. Games provide them entertainment at that level. They spend their long time for playing games. In this way, they can sharpen their mind and maintain mental and body health.

Android games

Various games are available which can be played on Android phones. These games need to install from play store. These games may include puzzle, sports, adventure, fighting and other games. Children, young adults, and people of age more than that play these games. They prefer to spend their time on their mobile phones for playing games. A huge variety of Android games are available and you can search these games in your play store of mobile.

Best android games

Several Android games can be found in the Android phones. It needs the Internet connectivity. People can play these games easily and quickly. Here we discuss some of the best Android games. Some of these are as follows:

Fallout shelter

It is a game released during 2015. It is considered as one of the best games on the android phones to play. In this game, you need to build a shelter. This shelter is for the safety of survivors and to create thriving ecosystem. You need to fight against obstacles created by bad guys such as fire and like that.

Nova legacy

It is one of the best android game which can be played for free. It consists of the best controls and graphics. These graphics are more than that of average games. It is a game for shooters which can be played by multiple players. This game is the latest release of the year. In this game, you can interact with fun things which are more than realistic shooters.

Pokemon Go

It was released during 2016. It is one of the most played games on Android devices. In this game, players can explore different things all around the world. They can find Poke stops and take down gyms as well. New features are updated by play store automatically for this game. These new features are added on the regular basis. It is one of the free android games.

Clash Royale

It is the latest unblocked game of super-cell. In this game, you need to collect cards and then build decks. Opponents are found in this game. You can earn trophies in a case of the winning game. On the other hand, you can lose trophies if you lose.

So, these are among the best Android games. These are the latest release of games which need to be installed for playing. People prefer to spend their spare time for playing these games when they do not want to come online on social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other applications. They need to relax their mind by playing android games during hours when there is no work activity to perform.



Is Moroccan Sahara a good place to visit with a couple?

Is Moroccan Sahara a good place to visit with a couple?

Southern province or Moroccan Sahara are terms to use for Western Sahara. It is suggested by the Moroccan government. Sahara desert is a hottest and third largest desert in the world. It is third largest desert after the Arctic and Atlantic. The world Sahara is derived from Arabic word “Sahara” which means “the desert.” The climate of this region is dry. Rainfall is very rare in this region.

Sahara for a couple to visit

Sahara desert receives many honeymoons by newlywed couples each year. There are some activities to done and places to visit Sahara desert by a couple. There are different romantic reasons for visiting desert by a couple. These reasons are:

Beach resorts

There are romantic beaches located in Western Sahara. The couple loves to visit these beaches and enjoy their honeymoon. Resorts and swimming facilities are available on these beaches. These resorts provide very luxurious services to couple travelers. Spacious guest accommodations and outdoor pools are found on beaches of Sahara which make it attractive. The city of Essaouira is a place with many beaches. These are well accommodated for travelers.

Camel trekking

It is a romantic activity to be done by couples. They love to travel by sitting on the back of a camel. They can travel sand dunes and ergs through camel trekking. It becomes more romantic when sun sets and ergs change its colors. Camel riding shows the culture of desert truly. Each traveler interestingly takes a ride on the camel to enjoy especially couples. Sahara desert is an almost romantic place for couples in Africa. It is because of the reason that stars are brighter and clear in the beautiful night which presents a romantic view for couples. Also, sand dunes are spread as far as your eyes can see. It is a romantic view. Couples can spend their night in Berber tents. They can wake up early in the morning to watch sunrise which gives a beautiful fresh view to couples.

Hot air balloon flight

Couples can spend their time in the romantic activity of balloon flight. It is a renowned creative activity for a couple. They can take flight in Marrakech. They can watch different beautiful views when they take flight during the sunrise. It gives an amazing view to fly a couple in a hot balloon.

Dinner on rooftop

Couples can enjoy dinner on a rooftop in Moroccan Sahara. Rooftop in Sahara is mostly flat which gives a good area for dinner and couple dancing. There are many cafes and hotels in Sahara which give services to serve dinner on rooftop or terrace. The couple can enjoy their dinner in the romantic night by enjoying bright shining stars and clear view of the sky. The couple can ask hotel managers to serve their dinner on rooftop or terrace. On the other hand, some of the restaurants offer this service to their customers already.

So, Moroccan Sahara is a good place for a couple. They can enjoy by doing different romantic activities. They can enjoy true feelings of the desert in the night because the sky is clear in the night and stars get brighter.


Countries in the Arab world

Countries in the Arab world

Though there is no sticking definition of the Arab world, however, it is believed that people or countries speaking Arabic are included in the Arab world. According to an estimate, about 422 million peoples belong to the Arab world. Islam is the main religion of these countries.  Peoples of the Sunni sect are in the majority in these countries. There are almost 22 countries who belong to the Arab world. Most countries are from middle east and North. Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Sudan, Morocco, Qatar, and UAE are main countries. Let’s have a look at some of the   Arab countries.

Saudi Arabia:

Saudi Arabia is the country which has the sea on its three sides. This is the desert country. Saudi Arabia is sacred most country among Muslims.It has Khana Kaba, and Masjid Nabi; both hold a very special place among Muslims. They are also popular because of pilgrimage. Riyad is the capital of Saudi Arabia. The total population of this Saudi Arab is 28 million.


United Arab Emirates are normally known as UAE or Emirates. The country consists of 5 sub-states. Abu Dhabi is the capital of UAE. UAE is the country of unlimited opportunities for people of every status and state. Living, working and visiting UAE is the dream of many peoples across the world. Dubai(state of UAE)is a glamorous world. Total population o UAE is approximately 9 million.


The official name of Lebanon is the Lebanese Republic. Lebanon exists in the middle east. Beruit is its capital. The country gives importance to religion, culture, and family. Most of the beautiful sightseeing comprises of mountains and beaches. In winters, sometimes temperatures fall below zero degrees.


Qatar is a country of skyscrapers, modern architecture, Islamic art and ancient Islam designs. The capital of Qatar is Doha. The total population of the country is 2.169 million. Qatar has hot temperature most of the year. However, January, Febrarury, and March are bit colder. Like all other Arab countries, Qatar is also rich in fossil fuel resources, a large part of its economy depends upon these resources. Moreover, Qatar has developed an image in hospitality businesses.


Kuwait is another important city of the Arab League. Kuwait City is the capital city Kuwait. The country has with numerous skyscrapers and modern architecture. However, some building revives the rich history of Kuwait. Kuwait has rich resources of oil and gas. These rich fossil resources dominate Kuwait among other Arab countries. The total population of Kuwait is 3.39 million.


Morocco is situated in North Africa. Morocco is beautiful mixture of Arabic, European and Berber culture. Its capital is Rabat. The official language is Arabic; however, people also speak French. The country has rich deserts as a well historical architect. The country is popular because of its mineral resources. Jewelry production and gems reselling are also popular professions. Unlike other countries of Arab world, the temperature of Morocco is colder.

Why is Free Job Training requirement in Abu Dhabi?

Why is Free Job Training requirement in Abu Dhabi?

Getting knowledge of the Job

The job knowledge is absolutely necessary people who are in the zone and doing their job it is necessary for them to know what kind of different ways are introduced in Abu Dhabi. The Abu Dhabi is a country where a lot of different tourists come and go. The country is fully dependent on the diversity of people living there. That is why job knowledge is essentially important in the Arab countries. People need to understand that training for any job gives a certain amount of certainty for the person that either they can do the job or not. So when the sufficient amount of knowledge is present, they would be able to understand what needs to be committed to getting the job done.

Getting used to customs of the Job

People who are working there have different language and different ways of dealing money. People often with different ways of dealing money get confused to ask for it. How people are going to pay for it on the job. Since jobs can be tough and require focus getting to know about the custom in training time is very essential. The Customs of the job are different for every country. The shops in southeast Asia don’t open early. When the shops in Western Europe are open early and sometimes, they are twenty-four hours open. People in Japan are obliged to work for twenty-four hours while people in Western Europe work for eight hours only on any kind of job.

Diversity of Customers in Abu Dhabi

Since it is tourist country people in Abu Dhabi are always different. Not every entering customer can be local some can be a tourist. So a person who is attending the other person should be well versed in the English to help the other person. English is a Global language no matter the country if two people are able to understand English then work can be done. That is why most of the job requirement in Abu Dhabi requires a good amount of English. Even job training sometimes become a good test of skills in English. Those applicants that are on the training needs to be tested so they can be trained to provide more for the customers.

Training a certification

Training a certification to become an important part of life. The training certification means it is guaranteed to the person that he can now attend the people who are coming to the shop. Different resumes always require essential training. Those people who had training for the jobs before are always a high rate to get selected for the job. That is why free job training should always be availed when posted.

Work was done properly

Owners of the shop will be satisfied as the work will be done properly with training done. The training gives assurance even to the person who applied for the job because they know nothing can go wrong much if they have prior knowledge.